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Strategy Support in the Areas of Information Security, Usability, Telecommunication and Education

Thinking alone achieves nothing; required is practical, purpose oriented thinking (Aristotle, 384-322 B.C.). On the basis of this principle, we carry out analyses, such as, how pure overhead costs can be converted into value-added services. Or, we analyse your training concept and present optimization proposals based on proven didactic principles. In addition, we develop short, medium and long term planning programmes with clearly defined objectives. And, of course, we are also pleased to take-over coaching responsibility during their implementation.

Strategy-Support and Project Realization in larger Foundations

 The legal structure of a foundation can provide numerous advantages, but also disadvantages. The most important factor is the selected strategy and how it is implemented. More and more foundations are confronted with problems as to how to continue with the original objectives, when the founder is no longer part of the organization. On your behalf, we can investigate the selected manor of preservation as well as the supporting and negative factors. Because important projects are always dependent upon the motivating force behind the undertaking, we will gladly take-over coaching responsibility during the implementation phase.

Development of Business Cases with applied Research, Education and Technology Transfer

 In declining technology sectors (e.g. the printing industry), management is confronted with the question of alternative business segments. Such new ventures have to be achievable, promise success, be realistic and sustainable. It is seen very often, that the identification of viable alternatives through impartial investigation without restrictions, can be relatively simple. Such changes are normally most successful when technology can be transferred from an existing segment. We offer support with the development of creative ideas and in their implementation.

Critical Project Audits

 Despite having their own internal audit departments, many companies make use of external auditing services. This can be due to legal requirements, shortage of personnel, lack of know-how, or, simply, the need to have a second opinion. Our personnel network can provide experienced, certified auditors from a variety of business areas. This also applies to Due Diligence exercises in sensitive business segments.

Development of Risk-Reduction Applications for larger Investors

 Knowledge is power! Imagine that you would be in possession of substantially more realistic facts than you competitors. What advantages would you have, if you were able to clearly recognize reality distortions? For over 30 years, we have conducted research with integral approach as to how projections can be clearly recognized. To this end, we have numerous different types of information sources at our disposal. For their evaluation, we make use of methods such as Fuzzy Logic or Semantic Networks. The results are often surprising. We look forward to discussing them with you.

Development of Co-Operation at Strategy Level

 Competition and co-operation do not necessarily exclude each other. When starting a co-operation, however, one very often has ideal conceptions as to the contribution of the partner. Unfortunately, in every day corporate life, bitter disappointments are commonplace. We offer support in the development of comprehensive agreements or measurable service level agreements.


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