The Art of Information Security


The field of Information Security is very complex. We offer a compass, to implement in your company state-of-the-Art Security.


Pablo Picasso told us: "The secret of art is that it is found without the need to search."

What he did not say, however, was that he had to study for decades before he became a great artist. Our learning process has been on-going for the past twenty years. We would be pleased to apply our knowledge to your success.


According to Prof. Dr. Ueli Maurer from the ETH in Zurich, we are today still in the Stone Age with respect to Information Security. Our approach is:

  1. Up to 95% of all financial losses are caused by internal personnel, mostly unintentionally.
  2. An improvement to this situation can only be achieved with an adequate training concept.
  3. Social networks present increasingly dangerous threats to persons and enterprises.
  4. Risk Management results have to be included in training concepts.

With the opening of computer science to the Internet, the use of social networks and the miniaturi-zation of storage, threats to all firms have increased. Thanks to our co-operation in key professional workgroups and the participation in international conferences, we can offer enhanced know-how to solve your problems. We look forward to hearing from you.

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